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MPEG4 Receiver swap starts October 23rd 2011, Read Post 1.

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Edit by 57: If you're thinking of buying or selling a 9200 or 6100 for use on BTV, please read post 1 of the following thread and the link there. These STBs will no longer be activated by Bell. Buying/selling discussions should also be in that thread, not this swap thread.

Thank you very much to m3repair for supplying the following summary information regarding the swap process:


1. You can call Bell to request a new replacement receiver now if you have 6100's and/or 9200's that are active on your account. (able to view your subscribed programming)

2. If you have a 9200, you can request a 9242 if that's what you want, but you have to explain that you need one because you use the function of TV2 at secondary television location. Edit 2012.03 - 9242s are quite difficult to get now. Good luck - try chat... Several times perhaps...

3. You can do this all via "chat" (under contact us on but ensure you get the reference number. You may also want to save the chat log in case you get shipped a 9241 by mistake and wanted a 9242 and have to resolve that problem.

4. You can check status of your order/STBs (confirming that a 9242 or 9241 or 6131 has been added to your account) by going to the website and "changing PIN"/ "manage account" (If you want a tracking number you can wait a day or two and then call Bell and ask for the tracking number) either from Canada Post or Purolator.) (In the options on the left hand side there should also be an option to synchronize programming once you have your unit)

5. Stamped on the outside of the brown shipping box is the model number of the receiver. If it has a R after the numbers it will be a refurbished model.

6. A UHF kit can be obtained for your 6131 by calling retentions. (may take a few tries for them to send it to you)

7. You can keep the old STBs. (9200's, 6100's) for parts or use or viewing previously recorded content.

8. From the instructions: "To ensure uninterrupted service, please replace your HD PVR within the next two weeks". 9200 is usually deactivated in 2-4 Weeks.

9. How to Transfer Recorded Content from your 9200 to 924X Thread -->

10. Uses for 9200 and 6100 after you swap:
(Side note: For those wondering what to do with your used 9200 and or 6100 that seems to be no longer of use here some suggestions:

A.)Use your 9200 to view your previously recorded content (also can be used in step B). The 9200 doesn't need to be connected to sat for this purpose, but you may get some error messages, which you can simply cancel.
B.)Use (or sell) your 9200 as an OTA PVR or OTA viewer (6100) (with satellite feeds connected and no guide info)
C.)Save the Hard Drive from 9200 and use it when your 9242 internal drive starts to fail (tested to also ensure it works, or in a compatible computer)
D.)Save the Power Supply Board from 9200 and use it in your 9242 if it fails (tested to ensure it is possible)
E.) You will not be able to use your 9200 for SD programming. It will be deactivated.

The objective of the MPEG 4 receiver swap project is to replace all MPEG 2 receivers (models 6100, 9200) installed at customers’ premises with MPEG 4 receivers. This will allow Bell to switch all HD broadcasting to the more efficient MPEG 4 encoding, freeing up satellite capacity and allowing Bell to launch 43 new SD channels.
This will impact an estimated 193,000 customers with 240,000 receivers to be replaced.
The launch for Phase I of the project will be October 23rd, 2011. This will be followed by Phase II of the MPEG 4 swap project, starting on December 11th, 2011 and continuing until July 31st 2012. There will be a blackout period during the winter holidays.
Now for the part I do not like;

Once 9242 stock is exhausted, a 9241 + 5900 will be shipped to the customer instead (only for two room solution)
So there you have it, no longer a Rumour, it is a fact.

Edit - Rumour thread, now closed:
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I have two 9200 receivers.

I just called and they are going to send me a 9242 right away. He said I should have it in 3-5 business days. Once I activate that one, I must call back and request a swap on the other. It is their policy to not send both at the same time. The CSR said no exceptions to this.

On another note, I asked how I go about sending the 9200 back. CSR said he'd send me a box if I want, but that I can just keep it. He warned me that if I keep it, it would stop working at the end of the year.

I just thought I'd share.
Thanks for the sharing. So recommend 9200 users call today if you really want a 9242.
I can confirm this. Just called and they are sending me a 9242, should get it within 3-5 business days. She also told me that they are not taking back the old receivers.
Since they are letting people keep the 9200s, while providing new replacements, I would guess it would be pretty difficult to add one to your account from this point forward if you were to purchase it from a 9200 owner. Perhaps the S/N of the 9200 is "invalidated" as soon as a replacement receiver is activated. They must have thought about this possibility - right?

edit - Confirmed, they will no longer activate 9200s or 6100s.
Just called (Monday 1pm EST) and pressed usual options (1 English - enter phone number - 6 - 3) and the 'voice' informed me that I eligible for a receiver replacement. I then talked to an agent (on hold for less than a minute) who confirmed my eligibility and asked if I connect that receiver to 2 TVs. Of course I said yes and he said I would be getting a 9242 replacement in 3 to 5 days. I can keep my 9200 'in case I had any recordings on it' he said.

That was easy....
Glad I can keep the 9200 - mainly for the extra remotes...
We have 2-9200's as well.

Just called in, asked for replacement 9242's (was asked if they were both hooked up to seperate tv's) and the rep confirmed that 2 would be shipped and I should have them in 3-5 business days.
That was easy...Glad I can keep the 9200 - mainly for the extra remotes...
I would bet that they will ship just the remotes.

Swap in...swap out!

PS...this is one of those times that we do really need to praise Hugh and all his moderators for such a fabulous I'm betting all of us receive 9242's.

With that said...Thanks Hugh!
I would bet that they will ship just the remotes.
I would take that bet - I expect a fully refurb'd 9242 and all components in the box...
Going to call to see if I can get a 6141. Want my OTA tuner which the 6131 doesnot have.
Just off the phone with bell,

a 9242 should be at home in 3-5 days, but it took 3 calls to finally get it:

call #1 the CSR told me that only the 9200 in location would be replace free of charge and since I own it it would cost me 150$ for the replacement:result hang up the phone...::eek:

call#2 CSR told me to wait for a letter or a phone call from bell to complete the swap:said thanks and hang up the phone.::confused:

call #3 CSR told me that I would only get 9141 and a 5900, told her nicelly about the utility of OTA and two room use, she put me on hold to check availability of 9242's and came back to me saying that a 9242 would be sent.:p

so do not let a negative response discouraged anyone...

Just remembered: the CSR told me that as soon as I would activate the new one, the 9200 would be automatically de-activated.
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Similar story as Mikha27

Called Bell and asked for swapping my 9200 for a 9242.

The CSR told me that since I owned my 9200, the only the option was to go to location with a 9242 and it would cost me 150$ for the installation (I had no right to install it myself !)

I insisted saying maybe she didn't have the last informations and that it was a very new program. She told me she was aware of all promotions or programs, but asked me to hold for 2 minutes just for a check.

She came back and was sorry, but there was no swap program... I insisted again, adding that some people just had success in this swap program. I said that maybe the information was more up to date in the anglophones department (I'm francophone and the CSR too) and she put me on hold again.

Finally, she came back and was very sorry (very very sorry) for that, but I was right and she is sending me a 9242 I will receive in 3 to 5 days.

As Corey Hart said : Never Surrender !
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I just called and when going thru the IVR there was a message indicating that I was eligible for a receiver replacement and to inquire with the rep so that setup my discussion.

My call went really smoothly. The rep checked and verified that my account was flagged to have my 9200 replaced(owned, not rented).

She went on to explain that it would be with a 9242 but then asked the question about if I used my receiver with 2 TV's. I replied No (because I don't) but did go on to mention that I do have an OTA antenna connected and that I regularly use the PIP function and wanted to ensure that I would get a 9242 as a replacement.

She confirmed that what I would get, said the order was processed and that I would be receiving it in the next 7 - 10 business days.

She ALSO said that I could keep my 9200 (in the event that I had recordings that I wanted to save) but noted that the receiver would stop functioning once the conversion from mpeg-2 to mpeg-4 was complete.

She emphasized that the 9242 would be refurbished but is coming complete with a 1 year warranty.

I was very pleased with the call and my experience.
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What do you think the chances are of getting a 9242 from a 6100 for a little extra $$$? I own the 6100 and regret not get the PVR.
FYI...You can add up to a 2 TB external HD to your new 6131 for around $100. Bell will give you the receiver for free during the swap.
Just called; also got a message saying I was eligible for a receiver swap.
Spoke to the CSR; he knew I had 2 receivers to swap, 9200 and 6100
He offered me a 9242, which I accepted, and a 6131; I asked if I could get a 6141 for the OTA; he said he thought they were sending out 6131's. He put me on hold and came back and said they would send me a 9242 and a 6141 :)
I asked if I had to send my old receivers back and he said yes, they will send along a return kit with my new receivers; 4 or 5 business days says he.

He also asked if I had received the letter yet, and I said No, not yet.
He asked if I wanted a professional install or if I wanted a self install; indicated I wanted a self install.

I used the Bell chat. Success!! I am getting my 9242's in 3 to 5 days.
Bell Chat ??!! Now, there's a man thinking !! :)
Only problem is....the chat people are sending you 9200's !!!! :eek:


I used the Bell chat. Success!! I am getting my 9200's in 3 to 5 days.
I too used Bell Chat...however I was fortunate enough to be offered a 9242 ;)
Ha, i fixed that. Must have been the excitement. :D
LOL....I guess !!! :D
I know I was pretty excited when I was on the phone :)

Called Bell this morning, and the Girl did not know how to process it at first. Then it only allows for them to process one receiver, but she just logged in a second time to my account and processed the second 9200. I am getting two 9242's as my account is full for receivers.

Just finished Bell Chat to ask about sending old units back, and she confirmed that I can keep or send them back in the boxes from old units. She did not say when old units would stop working.
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