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I recently bought a receiver woth a built in MP3 decoder. I am trying to figure out how to send a MP3 bit stream from my PC to my receiver through the optical SPDIF out.

I spent a great deal of time researching this and cannot find a way to do it . Please help !!


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doesn't the receiver have instructions?
What's the problem? IF your audio card has optical out hook that up to the receiver and your done...

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amathew, do have a model on that receiver. Your subject says MP3 to receiver which as dawtcalm says should be routine - plug the optical into your audio card and receiver and you're done.

but the question in the the body of the thread seems to differ from your subject. Can you be more specific?

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Very sorry. I will try and be more specific. I just bought a Harman Kardon AVR635 receiver. The soundcard on my PC is part of the motherboard (Realtek I think). I used the digital out on this with my old receiver to play audio through Winamp, MediaPlayer etc... successfully and I am able to do that with my new receiver as well. As I understand, the way this happens is that the MP3 player I use uses the decoder on my system and converts to PCM which is then transferred through the SPDIF digital connection and can be understood by all receivers.

My problem is that I want to take advantage of the fact that the AVR635 can understand MP3 format(not just PCM). I need a player/software that can read an mp3 file and bypass the mp3 decoder on my system and just send the mp3 bit stream from the file (as is) through the SPDIF connection. I tried messing with settings on my player(winamp,mediaplayer) but the AVR635 keeps displaying that it is receiving a PCM signal. The manual says that the receiver should display that it is receiving an MP3 signal. The manual just does not talk about how to get an mp3 signal to the receiver.

I am hoping that this will produce better results than using the mp3 decoder on my PC. Hope I have not made it more confusing! Thanks guys for listening to my problem.

Excerpt from Manual :
"The AVR 635 is one of the few receivers equipped for
onboard decoding for the MP3 audio format used by
computers and portable audio devices. By offering
MP3 decoding, the AVR 635 is able to deliver precise
conversion of the digital signals to an analog output,
along with the benefits of listening to the MP3 audio
through the AVR 635’s high-current amplifier and the
speakers from your surround system, rather than the
smaller speakers and low-powered amplifiers typically
used with computers.
To take advantage of the AVR 635’s MP3 capabilities,
simply connect the S/P-DIF output of a computer’s
sound card or the S/P-DIF output of a portable digital
audio device to either the rear panel Digital Inputs
or the front-panel Digital InputsKM.
When the digital signal is available, the Lower
Display Line$will indicate that an MP3 bitstream
is present, and the audio will begin playing.
The AVR 635 is only capable of playing signals in
the MP3 (MPEG 1/Layer 3) format. It is not compatible
with other computer audio codecs.
• The digital audio input signal may be either optical
or coaxial, but the signal must be in the S/P-DIF
format. Direct connection of USB or serial data
outputs is not possible, even though the signals
are in the MP3 format. If you have any questions
about the data output format from your computer
or a sound card, check with the device’s owner’s
manual or contact the manufacturer’s technical
support area."

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I would think you would need a special driver or music program that is written specifically to output MP3 over SPDIF. I don't know of any but you may want to google to see if any pop up.
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