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In terms of the wires, the answer is not simple.

General rule is if it comes from the wall and connects to something then leave it. If it goes between two items, ie the box and the tv, take it with you. If the wire goes from a easily disconnected wall jack (ie tradational "cable tv" cable) take that too.

As for the move, it is possible to keep your existing 2wire provided your new location is eligible for service. I have first hand experience with this. It is not as simple though as unplugging at the old location and plugging in at the new location, the tech at my place actually needed to call into some number to get the 2wire online at the new location.

Also keep in mind the main, bigger ultimate box should be connected with cat5 (square cable end) at the new location as coxial (round cable end) can cause trouble with PVR playback on other tvs.
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