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First thing, have they confirmed that the new location is definitely eligible for ultimate tv? If not, unfortunately you'll only have the option to go with classic (if it's even eligible) or just high speed internet if ineligible for both. Unlikely, but who knows...

Leave the wires behind, unless they are easy to take. Only bring the receivers and their power cords, remotes, a/v cables.

They'll probably end up swapping the 2wire, since plugging in an old unit at a new location within 24 (or 48?) hours will cause the "tv port" to be locked out. The only exception would be if someone knows how to do a "broadband release" before unplugging it. No biggie, as long as the installer duplicates your old wireless SSID and password on the new 2wire, or connects any wireless devices to the new SSID/pw.

Hope that helps.
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