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I called and signed up for Telus optik tv I need to know if there's anyway I can have more than one tv running off their pvr box? I'm getting the xbox and pvr which I can use both as a top box, but we have 5 tv's and can't afford 3 more box rentals. Is there anyway I can run two tv's on 1 box or hook up a tv without a box like I can with shaw?
I appreciate any answers, as it's urgent before they come to install. I can cancel before they come without any fees right? As we only talked over the phone, I never signed anything.

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Hi Morg,

Generally you need a STB for each TV on Telus, there isn't an analog signal that you can just plug a TV into. Shaw is also phasing out analog TV in some areas as well.

You can share a STB between 2 TVs, but both TVs have to watch the same program. To do that you could connect 1 set of outputs to one TV and another set of outputs to the second TV. To control the STB with the remote, you need line of sight to the STB. Telus won't do the extra wiring for you.

You should be able to cancel the installation without any charges, especially if you cancel well in advance of the installation date. Just explain that you didn't realize you needed a STB for each TV.
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