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Montreal Gazette: Nice OTA Article

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Nice article about DTV and OTA in the Montreal Gazette this morning.
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@james57: I was just about to post that, you saved me the work ! ...LoL

I am surprise that even in Quebec the province with the highest users of OTA is only 14.3%, Canadians must be rich in paying for cable or satellite ? I am glad that I have never paid a penny for any those services in my entire life !

You guys noticed for the past week all the local stations like CTV, TVA, CBC, SRC, V and even RQ have been going off the air by 01:00hrs, I suspect it is for antenna/transmitter upgrade to digital.
@downbeat: thanks for the run down !

I think the Canadian government is to blame for taking a "lack" of action to inform the populace like those in the US. Where are the laws that prevent TVs from being sold that lack a ATSC tuner, where are the rebate coupons for Canadians to acquire a digital to analog converters like those in the US ?
1 - 2 of 23 Posts
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