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Montreal Gazette: Nice OTA Article

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Nice article about DTV and OTA in the Montreal Gazette this morning.
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downbeat said:
..I take exception with the author's characterization that CBMT-DT and CBFT-DT are not available in the vast majority of Montreal homes. I have not heard of any empirical evidence to back that claim. If the author does, I'd love to see it. Propagation models suggest the only part of Montreal without easy access to CBC/Radio-Canada's OTA DTV services is essentially the West Island and points beyond. That's about 250,000 people — less than 10% of the region's total population...
Well as you said propagation models suggest..

Real life tels us otherwise, most of NDG,Westmount, Ville St-Pierre, Point St Charles, Little Burgondy, and I could go on for ever are in the dark. this should account for over 250K people.. anyone saying otherwise seems to be doing so to minimize the impact ... and yes I am in the dark
Thks for the asssessment and no hard feelings. Its just that from a management point 80% is pretty good unless your are part of the 20% and then this numbers becomes Huge:p:p
What concerns me in terms of broadcasting is that from all the press releases and docs I have seen they always refer to the install process, work will be compleeted.. nothing about test and go-live. Technicaly they could, test it and sit on it untill Aug2011.
1 - 4 of 23 Posts
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