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So as I'm sure it's apparent to many, we have had a monopoly going on in Canada now forever - first with Bell, then with Rogers/Shaw & then Cogeco.

So I inquired the other day & was told the only way to complain is to the CRTC.

Since it's been suggested Rogers controls the CRTC I mentioned this to the person directing me & she told me to just make the complaint & if that goes nowhere, to then ask who supersedes the CRTC & go from there. I didn't realize the Ombudsman couldn't help b/c they are provincial & the CRTC is Federal.

My question is, has any one of you complained to the CRTC about the monopolization or how they control us consumers & cost us tons of money?

For example, Roger's recent decision to cut back their download cap b/c Netflix entered the market.


1. Yes - what happened with the CRTC?
2. No - why haven't you complained?

Thank you

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