If you are having any trouble unloading your used smartphone or tablet, Mobiopolis.com may be of service.

Founded, developed and officially launched in Vancouver on Sept. 18th, Mobiopolis.com allows sellers to list their devices for free, suggests a sales price based on manufacturer/model sales trends, and even offers to showcase it in high-visibility areas for buyers to see.

CEO and founder, Niko Kontogiannis adds: "Mobiopolis.com allows the consumer to be in complete control of the entire buying and selling process from start to finish. Our revolutionary platform was developed with complete transparency, honesty, and customer satisfaction in mind, alongside the lowest fees in the online marketplace industry!"

Mobiopolis.com has its own proprietary sales platform, called MobiCart, to ensure listings are legitimate. The system uses a mobile device's unique IMEI number to capture the embedded make and model information.

Additionally, once you are signed in to the company's mobile iOS or Android apps, the system will automatically detect your smartphone or tablet, and show the price it could potentially sell for. Listing it to the website via the app is made simple, as is sharing listings with friends on Twitter, Facebook or e-mail.

The company now plans to develop strategic and marketing partnerships with mobile carriers as well as smartphone and tablet manufacturers.

It is also working on offering buyers and sellers the option to pre-order the latest devices on site or through its mobile apps.

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