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Available soon at select Mobilicity stores for $549.99, the Nexus One features a spectacular, 3.7-inch brilliant touch-screen display and a 1GHz Qualcom Snapdragon core processor - the fastest on the market. Considered a multi-tasker's dream come true, the device is designed to simultaneously run 3D graphics, online applications and multiple programs running in the background without slowing down.
This is huge for Mobilicity. It also provides an easy source for Wind subscribers looking to get a Nexus One of their own. You can buy a Mobilicity version on a $15 text plan, cancel after a month, and take the phone to Wind.

It's likely these are the SLCD versions rather than the AMOLED type. It's also unclear whether they will launch with Android 2.2 (though even if it doesn't an OTA update should be immediately available) and more importantly whether it will be carrier locked.

There is no official launch date yet.
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