Mobilicity announced a new promotion this week which gives subscribers free "social data" on their cheaper voice and text plans and free data on their more expensive $45 a month plan.

The alternate wireless company offers four voice text plans which range in price from $25 to $55 per month in Toronto, Ottawa, Calgary, Edmonton and Vancouver.

Details of the data promotion are as follows:

On the $25 Plan - In addition to the regular voice and text plan, subscribers receive Unlimited social network access to Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Google+ and LinkedIn along with Unlimited Instant Messaging through Google Talk, Yahoo Messenger, ICQ and Whatsapp.

On the $35 Plan - Subscribers receive the social data add-on that comes with the $25 plan plus unlimited email access through Gmail, Hotmail and MS Exchange.

On the $45 Plan - Subscribers receive the $10 a month unlimited data add-on at no additional charge.

Port In Credit

To provide more incentive to new customers, the company also introduced a new port-in credit promotion of $50. Consumers who port their existing phone number to Mobilicity and register for pre-authorized credit card payment will receive $10 credits over five months.

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