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Mobilicity launches in Ottawa November 19

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Ottawa, ON – November 18, 2010 – Mobilicity today confirmed it will launch its unlimited 3.5G network in Ottawa-Gatineau tomorrow, concluding an exciting three-day, three-city launch schedule focused on helping bring down the cost of wireless to over two million more Canadians.

Still no word on Calgary, but this whirlwind of launches has been impressive.
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I think it was about a month back that MobileSyrup reported the Calgary launch would be delayed until 2011. Seemed the information was based on information provided privately by someone at Mobi with the company's standard "we'll launch when we are ready" response that it has used up until 2-3 days before turning on the switch elsewhere.

Absolutely right it's been quite a week for Mobi with 3 new markets and some pretty aggressive plan rates. When Mobi launched, the plans and coverage were a bit disappointing but that has really turned around.
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