Mobilicity announced today that it will be launching its 3G Wireless service in Edmonton on Wednesday November 17th.

The company says Edmontonians will be able to purchase its phones and plans from over 20 local points of distribution, including its corporate store, as well as online beginning tomorrow.

Edmonton is the second city in which the privately owned wireless company will offer mobile phone service. Mobilicity has been operating in Toronto since May and is expected to begin offering wireless service in Vancouver and Ottawa later this month.

The company offers three voice and data plans beginning at $25 a month as well as an unlimited Internet Data plan.

“Canada’s incumbent carriers have been getting away with highway robbery charging what they have for data,” said Mobilicity President and CEO Dave Dobbin. “When consumers are spending more on data than they are on groceries, there’s something seriously wrong. The good news is change is in the air and affordable, unlimited data has arrived.”

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