If you've ever wondered how far you can toss your mobile phone, or wanted a second crack at it, Mobilicity is giving you that chance.

The mobile carrier is hosting the 1st Annual Canadian Mobile Phone Throwing Championship in Toronto on Saturday, October 13th, giving Canadians a chance to break the existing world record and pocket $5,000 in the process.

What's behind the idea?

For one thing, a recent Mobile Phone Throwing World Championship took place in Finland in August, where Ere Karjalainen set a 101.46-metre world-record mark.

Also, next weekend's Red & Blue Bowl game between the Varsity Blues and the York Lions at Varsity Stadium needed an extra kick, so why not throw some phones in front of thousands of football fans for cash and prizes during halftime?

We look forward to seeing the Canadian Mobile Phone Throwing Champion collect his or her $5,000 plus a brand new Samsung Galaxy S III smartphone with a year of Mobilicity's unlimited data, talk and text service. Second and third-place finalists will each win a smartphone with Mobilicity's unlimited service.

The event also coincides with Waste Reduction Week in Canada (October 15 - 21), and since only 14 percent of Canadians recycle mobile phones, Mobilicity will set up bins for easy and safe disposal.

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