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Mobilicity has added two mid-range devices, the Nokia E73 and Samsung G-Touch, to its lineup.

The Nokia E73 is an smartphone for professionals who need an enterprise device that supports Mail for Exchange and Lotus Traveler business email platforms. The Nokia E73, which features a QWERTY keypad and 5MP camera, also provides great flexibility in being able to manage users' personal information outside of work. Users can also create a personal user profile with a separate home screen and application shortcuts.

The Samsung G-Touch is a messaging device which features both a 2.8" touch screen and full QWERTY slider keypad. Added extras include a 2.0 MP camera with 12X zoom and pre-installed Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and other social media widgets.

The Nokia E73 ($149.99) and the Samsung G-Touch ($139.99) are available now.
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