Three out of four (76%) of mobile phone owners would consider paying a one-time fee of 30 cents to gain access to their local radio stations through a built-in radio chip on their mobile phone, according to a new study commissioned by the National Association of Broadcasters.

Conducted online by Harris Interactive, the poll that two-thirds (66%) of adults respondents said they would listen to local radio stations on their mobile phone if that feature was available.

Local weather and music were cited as the top reasons users would listen to their local stations on their mobile phones.

"Our poll indicates that a sizeable majority of Americans are interested in the ability to listen to local stations in order to get news, weather and other information and would even pay a small one-time fee to get the service," said Aaron Heffron, Vice President of Public Affairs Research for Harris Interactive. "Young people seem especially enthusiastic about this additional function that they would always have in their pocket."

Interestingly, the online survey also found that 61% if people were unaware that it was even possible to put a radio inside a cell phone.

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