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Mobile devices have nearly doubled the time Canadians spend online

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A new report has revealed just how much time Canadians are spending online. Hint: it`s a lot.

According to measurement firm comScore, there were almost 28 million Canadians accessing the internet with a computer as of August. They spent an average of 39 hours a month on the web when using a desktop or laptop.

But the big numbers come into play when we look at internet use on mobile devices like tablets and smartphones: with these accounted for, the average time spent online rocketed to 75 hours a month, or about 2.5 hours a day.

Not surprisingly, those in the 25-34 demographic spent the most time online, averaging around 110 hours a month, only 50 of which were spent browsing on a computer.

In contrast, Canadians 55 and older spent around 20 hours a month using a mobile device or streaming video. Most of their online hours were devoted to traditional web browsing on a computer.

comScore says that mobile apps the main driver behind the spike in time Canadians are spending online.  They estimate that Canadians who own smartphones and tablets spend about 43 per cent of their overall online time within an app.

As of June, there were 18 million smartphones (a 12 per cent increase from June 2013) and 7.8 million tablets (up 37 per cent) in Canada, comScore reports.

Around 78 per cent of Canadians with a cellphone were using a smartphone, the second highest percentage among the countries comScore tracks (Spain came in first).

About 4 per cent of internet users in Canada now use strictly mobiles devices to go online and no longer use a desktop or laptop, the firm concluded.

[Source: Metro News ]


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