Media Awareness Network (MNet), Canada's internationally recognized centre for digital and media literacy, has just launched a new website and re-branded to 'MediaSmarts'.

Cathy Wing, MediaSmarts' Co-Executive Director, explains the choice of moniker and need for the upgraded site: "We chose MediaSmarts because it succinctly gets to the core of what we're all about: critical thinking about media."

Wing continues: "We live in a wired world today. Kids are using a wide range of digital devices, and adults can't keep up. So how can we make sure that our kids are safe, savvy and informed? In the same way we teach them street smarts, we now need to teach them 'media smarts'."

Formed in 1996, as part of the federal government's media anti-violence strategy, the award-winning not-for-profit organization is a highly-regarded world leader in developing resources to help youth become savvy online citizens.

Toronto-based agency, Brandworks volunteered its services to help MediaSmarts complete the year-long re-branding process.

MediaSmarts' programs are supported by: TELUS, CIRA, Google, Bell, Shaw, Bell Media, and the National Film Board of Canada.

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