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MLB All-Star Legends Game on Sportsnet?

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While watching the first (of multiple repeat) Home Run Derby airings on Sportsnet, ESPN's announcers mentioned that the legends game would be following on their own network.

Since they mentioned that it featured sluggers like Mike Piazza, Tim Salmon and Bo Jackson, I was looking forward to seeing these guys again.

Did I miss it? or was this just a pennies and nickels decision by Rogers not to purchase the rights and instead air the HR derby in prime time 2 of 3 days in a row?
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It was a softball game, and no Sportsnet didn't air it. Sportsnet probably figured they could get better ratings for home run derby and futures game repeats than they could get for it.
It wasn't exactly a legends game either, it was a celebrity game that happened to feature some ex-baseball players. It would be just like those legends/celebrities soccer games that they play for charity all the time, except more boring. It had a few ex-MLB players and a couple Olympic softball players, otherwise it was celebrities.
There is nothing wrong with softball, but I'd think that seeing Mike Piazza and Bo Jackson playing softball would be a lot less interesting than seeing them play baseball. I try to watch the Softball World Cup every year, but TSN usually tape delays it to late night of the next day, and doesn't bother to show the final.
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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