Rawlco Radio, operaters of fifteen radio stations across Alberta and Saskatchewan, have rebranded Mix FM in Calgary to UP! 97.7 FM. The stations call letters are also changing from CIGY-FM to CIUP-FM.

CIUP-FM's format changes from Adult Hits to what Rawlco calls "up beat," a format Rawlco sucessfully adopted with one of its FM stations in Edmonton last October.

Rawlco says the new format does not play a specific type of music rather it is programmed to evoke an positive emotion. Listeners can expect "up beat" songs from Abba,John Mellencamp, The Beatles, Pink, Michael Jackson, Bon Jovi, Madonna, The Beach Boys, and Elton John.

In addition to a new format the station has dropped most of the MIX FM on-air staff. Tripp Anthony (aka: West) is the only onair personality to stay and moves to the Morning Show. Ara Andonian takes over midday, Kev Wood takes over drive time and Grant Buchanan will show up on weekends.

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