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Hello, I am interested in switching from a prepaid plan to a monthly plan.

I have an offer that says I can migrate my balance from our pre-paid plan.
For 25$ a month I can have unlimited canada wide minutes and pay per use data.

Or, for 35$ I can have unlimited Canada wide mintues and 2gb of data per month.

I have a 400$ balance on our prepaid phone, so 20$ a month would come from our balance and the rest would be billed until the balance runs out.

My understanding of this is that if I go for the 25$ a month plan that it would only cost me 5$ per month with the 20$ from the prepaid balance.
Or, 15$ per month if I choose the 35$ option.

This seems too good to be true so am wondering if anyone else has done this with Bell.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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