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Microsoft Unveils Windows Phone 7 Lineup

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Microsoft officially unveiled its Windows Phone 7 mobile operating system Monday, announcing that it will be available on a total of five devices in the U.S. Windows Phone 7 handsets from AT&T and T-Mobile will begin shipping in November, while devices from Sprint and Verizon will be available next year. All the devices announced Monday will run a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, Microsoft said.
In all, Microsoft announced nine Windows Phone 7 phones on Monday, the remainder of which will be available in Canada, Mexico, the U.K., Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Singapore, and Australia.,2817,2370555,00.asp

The central question here is whether they have innovated enough to engage the imaginations of consumers who have flocked to Blackberry, iPhone, and Android products. Only time will tell.

Does anyone see any "must have" or "show stopper" features that would sway you away from a currently available product that already appeals to you?
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I wouldn't say there are many "must-have" features in WP7, but I do like the simplified design of the UI. I don't think it will persuade current iPhone/Android users to switch over, but for those buying their first smartphone I could see this as a viable option.
Must haves for me - integration with Office, OneNote (use this constantly), Zune and XBOX. Looking forward to this phone OS.
ava0775, that sounds a bit too much like ad copy. :)

In plain lingo, what do those things actually mean as far as real activities that a consumer might do in a day's use? The corollary to that is whether non-MS phones can do those too. I'm trying to get a sense of what would be the value-added of these phones.
The North American rollout will begin on November 8th.

In Canada, five Windows 7 phones will be available from Telus, Bell and Rogers. Telus will be offering smartphones on launch: the HTC 7 Surround and the LG Optimus 7. Bell will offer the LG Optimus Quantum while Rogers will offer the Samsung Focus.
"must haves" may be strong words (ava0775), but I understand the things he mentions as being deciding points in selecting a phone OS. I'm on the other side (Mac OS-X and iOS) but appreciate how an Office user would want his/her phone to intergrate seamlessly with a desktop or laptop pc. My current experience with a Blackberry, even now after the very long awaited BB for Mac client, is that calendar and contact synching are problematic; easily as many error mesages as successful synchs.

The peace of mind, not to mention time and trouble saved, of knowing changes made to a calendar or contact informaiton on the phone will be reflected on the desktop (or an admin assistant's pc) is huge. I know this can work from my iPod and iPad experience and I am loath to forego it when i next upgrade my phone. If I were a PC, I'd expect as much of Windows Phone 7.
I did not say must haves for you, I said for me. Currently a Windows Mobile 5 user. Office integration is key. As I mentioned, I use OneNote constantly. Some apps on my iPod Touch come close but not close enough.

Currently have a Zune 4gb and 120gb and prefer the Zune interface versus iTunes. Upgraded the Zune PC software last night and it appears this will be the interface to sync the phone as well. Much better than the current Windows sync application.

Not exactly what I would call a gamer but yes, I do have an XBOX account. Looking forward to the integration there. Maybe play some games waiting in line versus sitting in the living room?

I think at least two of those features are compelling to others. Perhaps not the Zune as much, since it never caught on here in Canada. But what a sweet option.
My must-haves are a bit in the extreme, but if they can provide it, I'd like to see OpenVPN, VNC and SSH support so I can connect to and troubleshoot my servers. All three are already available under full-blown Windows on their own.

As for the more realistic must-haves, how about decent media support for non-Microsoft based audio/video codecs? The world doesn't revolve around Windows Media alone.

Finally, unlocked phone option where I get to decide how I want the thing to work, and not the carrier.
My must-haves are a bit in the extreme, but if they can provide it, I'd like to see OpenVPN, VNC and SSH support so I can connect to and troubleshoot my servers. All three are already available under full-blown Windows on their own
There's plenty of apps that do that and it highlights for me why I think W7 will fail or will do no where near as well as MS is predicting.

Apps are what its all about with smartphones. I can't see developers rushing to develop WP 7 apps when they are all developing iOS and Android apps.

At best I see Windows Phone 7 competing with Blackberry for corporate users but that's a tough nut to crack.

Do you actually get a sense that MS expects this to do well? I think they have been managing expectations downwards for months now. Even on its release party, their CEO described the WP7 experience as "get in, get fast as humanly possible."

Despite my well-known disdain for Ballmer, I actually have to respect his candid assessment in this's a lot different than the delusional crap he's spewed in the past.
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