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Microsoft announces the Zune "Gears of War 2" Special Edition

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Microsoft Corp. today announced the Zune "Gears of War 2" Special Edition 120GB device in Canada. The special edition devices will be available for $279.99 (CDN) and will begin shipping to customers starting Nov. 7.

The Zune "Gears of War 2" Special Edition is based on the new Zune 120GB device and features a laser-etched Crimson Omen on the new gloss black enclosure, collectible "Gears of War" packaging, and 244 pieces of "Gears of War" media including the original game soundtrack, behind-the-scenes videos, game trailers and concept art galleries.

Now, am I the only one that finds this incredibly stupid? It doesn't play the game like a PSP or Nintendo DS so what does a music and video player have to do with Gears of War.
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Well with the fever surrounding the release of GoW2 in November I assume MS is trying to cash in on the hype by doing this. They also did this for Halo 3 when it was coming out. It is all about the marketing.
Now, am I the only one that finds this incredibly stupid?
Well, there's at least two of us. Very lame, but par for the course for Microsoft's entertainment division.
Make it four. I was a Creative Zen user for ages, got an iPod and well what can I say. I've also used an iTouch before I got the iPhone, can't see why anyone would even consider a Zune.
The Zune is the best non touch screen MP3 player on the market right now, hands down. I really don't know why anyone would buy an iPod Nano or Classic.

The touch is a different beast and great in many different ways.

As for what's the point of the Gears Of War Edition. It's simple Microsoft likes money, they already have the custom engraved special order Zune's the GOW2 edition doesn't cost them a cent more.
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