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If you love paying with a simple tap of your debit card, and swiping your transit pass with a gentle swoosh,  this next step is for you. Life might seem simple now but in reality, it could all be even easier.

You could get yourself implanted. Why not? Isn't the destiny of all humans to end up as cyborgs? More and more people are doing it.

Individuals have been digitizing themselves by implanting their body with microchips for a while now, and the newest wave of converts can be found in Sweden. These individuals are eager employees at the tech networking company, Epicenter , and they are lining up at the Stockholm location to have tiny microchips injected in their hands.

Swipe for Lunch

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What's the benefit? Once the chip is implanted, an ‘altered’ person can then use their own flesh to open doors, operate printers and do other simple digital tasks like paying for lunch- all with the swipe of their hand.

A report done by CTV News says that the process has become so popular at Epicenter that employees are hosting gatherings for those who want to be injected with a tag. It’s kind of like a Botox party, but well…different. An Interactive Botox party? Maybe.

While the story has hit the newsstands in a frenzy, it’s actually not the first instance of humans turning into tech hybrids.

Companies like Chip My Life in Australia and Dangerous Things which is based in Seattle, are also implanting technologically helpful things in humans, and have been doing so for a while.

Human Magnet

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If you're into it, Dangerous Things can implant you with cryptographic keys that focus on making passwords, privacy, transit ticketing, Bitcoin transactions and access control that much easier to carry around with you.

It can also put magnets inside your hand and implant you with RFID chips.

So, if you’ve ever wanted to lift paper clips without having to pinch your fingers, or be able to mess with the delicate minds of your unsuspecting friends, you can now rejoice.

It all sounds pretty neat. While some are skeptical about the health and safety of digital implants, as well as the surrounding issues of setting yourself and your life up for being hacked, experts expect the technology to grow in the years to come.

The Future

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The next frontier might be human location tracking. The invention of a GPS-enabled chip is what some enthusiasts dream of. Being able to track a person down by their exact point in space and time, as well as where they’re moving and how fast has an allure for some. The technology isn’t quite there yet though, and neither are countries' legal systems, but it's out there as an idea.

If you ARE interested in being transformed into a human of the future in order to keep up with the Joneses, it's actually not that hard to do.

In the United States, people are having the procedure done at tattoo and piercing parlours like Skin Art Gallery in Addison, Texas.

Get Your Own

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You can also buy implantables and an injection kit straight from Dangerous Things, for around $57 USD.

Those who have already been implanted say it's a pretty painless procedure, akin to having your ears pierced, (OK, there's some pain but it's just for a moment), and that it's very functional.

Am I jumping on a plane to Texas? No. But I'll watch with curiosity, if you do.