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The Mi Book was a small 7inch unit that was sold in some places over the last 2 years as a Ebook unit... It was supplied with a variety of software on SD cards and was more related to Items such as Cooking, and home improvement.

The nice thing is that, many places that now have these... they sold them for really really cheap.. (25$)

Now one might ask well.. whats the good of them... Simple..

They are 7inch Lithium powered Media Players... They will run for about 3-5 hours on a single charge...

you can simply add your own SDHC card and you own content.

Plays Photos.. Mp3's.. Divx...

Does not bump and skip on the road.. and its cheap...

its worth the 25$ if you can find one in places like future shop and source..

7 inch portable Media center.. for cheap..
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