Don't tell the folks at Metro Newspapers about the impending doom of the print medium.

NADbank research indicates that 1.6 million Canadians from Halifax to Vancouver read a Metro newspaper every morning to catch up on the latest community happenings and other major developments nationally and around the world. This represents a healthy 9 percent gain from 2012.

On a weekly basis, NADbank calculates 3.9 million Canadians turn to their Metro paper for the latest news -- an increase of 16 per cent.

Bill McDonald, President of Metro English Canada comments on the figures: “We’ve heard lots of chatter about the death of newspapers. But the truth is, more Canadians are turning to newspapers across all their platforms, and the growth has been driven by a combination of free dailies and digital properties."

More specifically, Metro Canada’s total brand footprint including print, digital paper, website and news app now reaches a record high of 1.8 million daily readers and 4.1 million weekly readers.

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