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A careful read about this vulnerability makes me wonder what the heck they are doing in Redmond and if they deserve to be used at all for communications over the net. This CSS bug is serious and the temporary fix that they recommend is exactly what you would expect...though give them credit ...they do recommend that all users of XP run out and upgrade immediately.

What is really maddening is that the latest Citrix client interface that my wife has to use for working from home relies on MS CSS. So it only works with the certs in Internet Explorer. It was working with Firefox until the brilliant clowns in the IT department changed the site to an MS CSS based interface!

The fix to make it work with Firefox and Chrome under the Linux or Windows Citrix client is a bit of kludge. (take the /usr/local/mozilla/ certificates .ca or the equivalent in Windows and stick them into the Citrix plugin so the authentication reply comes from the Citrix browser plugin and not the firefox one. A pita to say the least.

However this is still better than having to use Internet Explorer for secure work communications until Microsoft fixes this latest hole that any goober hacker could drive a semi through!:rolleyes:
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