In the incredibly useless but amusing information department, a new survey has found that men aged 18 to 45 believe Internet access is more important than personal hygiene, sex and alcohol.

Among the 200 men surveyed for the poll, over 70% admitted to being single while 34.5% also admitted to spending their time online watching pornography. So do all men really believe Internet access more important than personal hygiene, sex and alcohol or simply men who've got nothing better to do than take online polls after viewing pornography really believe Internet access more important than personal hygiene, sex and alcohol?

Perhaps many men between the age of 18 to 45 had dates that night because they were advocates of personal hygiene.

Regardless of the truth, here's some of the more fascinating or perhaps more disgusting findings of the survey conducted by TP-LInk, a global networking provider of networking products.

  • 88.5% of respondents would choose their Internet access over vanities such as a mirror, toothbrush & toothpaste, and footwear
  • 92.5% of respondents would forgo alcoholic beverages and pub-grub for an entire year in favor of the Internet
  • Almost two-thirds (64.0%) of respondents would give up sex for a week before they would give up their ability to get online

So how did respondents spend their time online:
  • Reading & sending emails (87.5%)
  • Watching Youtube (72.5%)
  • Checking/updating Facebook or other social networking sites (65.0%)
  • Working or doing research (62.5%)
  • Reading news or magazine articles (59.0%)
  • Watching pornography (34.5%)
  • Blogging or Vlogging (30.0%)

If you’ve finished reading your email and watching pornography, you can read the results here or discuss in Digital Home's World Wide Web forum .