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Megamind out today

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Hate these odd day releases but picked it up at Best Buy today.

Looking forward to watching this weekend with the family. It will be interesting to see how it stacks up against Despicable Me.
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While I love animated films (nothing to do with kids) this one never struck me as overly funny. May be a rental next weekend.

The new one (Rando) with Johnny Depp looks like it may have potential

ive seen it. its pretty good. not as great as some of the animated stuff from prixar but still a blast.
I was disappointed. Kids weren't that impressed. Definitely not in the same league as Despicable Me.
Agree 100%. We watched Megamind and enjoyed it, but will probably never watch it again. On the other hand, my daugter has watched Despicable Me over and over and over...
considering its my favorite genre its hard for me ever to dislike an animated film.

i still think its worth a watch but yes its not as good as despicable me.
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