is slated to be Canada's largest eCommerce website featuring millions of products from thousands of brands when it launches in May.

Canadians will not have to pay duty, customs charges or experience return hassles and can immediately qualify for loyalty rewards with purchases and social network sharing.

" is built specifically to meet Canadians' shopping needs. Buying products and services online can be a frustrating experience for Canadians. Often products and brands are hard to find in one place, unavailable in Canada, or shipped from US sites with exorbitant shipping fees and duty, and an inability to make returns," said Drew Green, founder and CEO.

Green is joined by Internet visionaries (and authors) Don Tapscott and Rana Florida to help manage the ambitious site and tussle with the likes of and Wal-Mart for the projected $22 billion in Canadian online sales for 2012. Nearly $15 billion of that total ends up with US businesses, despite the efforts of Canadian retailers.

Green and his team built the technology platform - containing  a virtual inventory valued at $10 billion - with the help from IBM, Bell and Demand Media.