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MediaRoom conflict resolution

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Does anyone know the technical details of how MediaRoom picks times to record? How specifically does it handle conflicts? Anyone done any tests to see how it picks which show to record when there's conflicts?
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Dr.Dave, my experience is that once deleted the program will be recorded again if shown and series record is active, but if the episode is already on the PVR it won’t be re-recorded, this is most obviously to preserve disk space.

Meestor, it would be difficult to have anything relevant or current posted, since Mediaroom can be implemented in a variety of ways, dependant on the client’s needs and or wants. In this case the client being TELUS, also for this reason (TELUS is the client not the customers who use the service) Microsoft probably feels no need to post such info. In fact there may even be a policy of not providing it so that Microsoft’s clients MTS, TELUS etc won’t be pestered by customers wanting the latest capabilities available on release. There are also different versions with different capabilities. The manual provided at installation is really all the customer needs. Think of it, if there was in depth technical information available and people started trying to hack the system or to improve their installs by trying things they only think they understand. You really don’t need some weekend tech bringing their system down so TELUS can send out a tech to repair something that was working as intended. That would only cause the price to be driven up.

Optik is provided by TELUS, its maintained and serviced by TELUS, you wouldn’t open up your microwave to see if you could improve its performance, Optik is not much different from TELUSs point of view.

- another TELUS tech
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