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MediaRoom conflict resolution

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Does anyone know the technical details of how MediaRoom picks times to record? How specifically does it handle conflicts? Anyone done any tests to see how it picks which show to record when there's conflicts?
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Sorry, I mean scheduling conflicts, i.e. when I have only 1HD/2SD service and 2 HD shows are scheduled to record at the same time. What algorithm does it use to determine which show to record?
You can schedule shows to record at "any time" or "around" a certain time. You don't know ahead of time whether or not they'll be a conflict.
You guys are missing the point.

If I set up 2 HD series to record "any time any day", I'm pretty sure the "smarts" in the scheduler will pick times that allow for both shows to be recorded. Maybe one day though, both shows only occur at the same time. How does it decide then which show to record? It can't come up with a conflict resolution screen if I don't happen to have the PVR "on" at the time that this happens...

I'm really just looking for someone that actually know the algorithm the scheduling software uses. Maybe nobody but Microsoft knows, or maybe someone has tested this?
Thanks for letting me know the details on this.

I don't think Mediaroom optimizes the schedule to avoid conflicts using the "anytime" option. I've seen it schedule shows with a conflict even when there are better alternative time slots.
Coming from a BTV background, I have to say this is pretty disappointing. Sage and BTV have the smarts to look at conflicts and resolve them automatically by simply finding a different time and/or channel to record a show if it conflicts with another. I'm quite surprised that MediaRoom doesn't have this ability.

Does that also mean that MediaRoom doesn't have the smarts to know when it's already recorded an episode?
Sure would be nice to have some serious documentation and explanation of MediaRoom from Microsoft.
1 - 6 of 12 Posts
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