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MediaRoom conflict resolution

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Does anyone know the technical details of how MediaRoom picks times to record? How specifically does it handle conflicts? Anyone done any tests to see how it picks which show to record when there's conflicts?
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Series Recording

The default settings are AROUND XX:XX AM/PM, FIRST RUN & RERUN.

The "around time" option allows a 2 hour window on either side, so if the network shuffles the schedule slightly the program will still be recorded. Specialty channels often schedule programs to repeat 3 hours later for the western time zone. This feature will prevent them from being recorded again.

For example, a program scheduled for "around" 9 pm will record if it is scheduled to start between 7 pm and 11 pm.

Conflict Resolution

When you record a series and there is a conflict anytime in the available schedule (10+ days), you will get a message which allows you to:
  1. Record all episodes of this series
  2. Record this series only when no conflict occurs
  3. Choose which shows to record
If you choose option 3, you will be able to choose which show to record for each episode that conflicts. You will then be able to manually schedule the other show at another time (if possible) or in SD.

All conflicts will be shown in the list of scheduled programs with an "X" in a red circle, so they are easy to spot by paging through the list. I periodically scan the list and make sure any programs I want will be recorded, usually using time-shifting.

I don't think Mediaroom optimizes the schedule to avoid conflicts using the "anytime" option. I've seen it schedule shows with a conflict even when there are better alternative time slots.

If you only have 1 HD stream and conflicts are a problem, I would suggest using the "around time" option and schedule programs for off-peak times where possible.

I'm using Mediaroom with MTS and we recently upgraded to a newer version of Mediaroom which includes "Series Priority" control. The series are shown in a list and you can move a series up, down or to the top of the list.
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I'm not entirely sure if Mediaroom will record an episode it has already recorded since I normally record "First Run Only". However I have some series where I've set "First Run & Rerun" and haven't watched the episodes yet. I've noticed that Mediaroom will not record an episode if it already on disk. I'm not sure what happens if you record the episode and delete it.

I agree that there is room for improvement with Mediaroom. The good news is that Microsoft keeps adding features. As the market leader in IPTV, it has the customer base to justify continued future investment.
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