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Having Same Problem

RSS... We have an HP Media PC that I upgraded to Windows 7 (from Windows Vista) last September. It is a high-end HP desktop media computer that is constantly tied to our living room TV, but I forget what model. I have HDMI out to our receiver which then goes to the TV. (I tested all of this with the PC also tied to a regular monitor that doesn't go through the receiver - same results)

Everything has been working beautifully since the Win7 upgrade until literally the last couple of days. Now tonight whenever I try to play a Recorded TV show, it plays for maybe 10 minutes or so then does exactly what you're talking about - I just get a black screen with the lights on the computer showing that it is on and running. In fact, the hard drive seems to spin quite a bit right after the screen blacks out, as if it was doing a dump or something, but no dump is shown. We have to hard restart the computer by holding down the power button. Then after a few times, now it is starting to do it when we are only a minute or two into the program.

I also have isolated it to Media Center, but within MC, it is ONLY happening with Recorded TV. When we watch "Internet TV", play Music, etc. all within MC, it's fine. Only Recorded TV causes this problem for us, and it doesn't matter which program - they all do it. We don't watch Live TV hardly ever, so I don't know if that causes us problems. I just turned it on for a while to test it, and it works so far.

I have a strong feeling that it isn't the video card. My guess is that it is software related or hard drive related. I am thinking of just calling Microsoft and paying them $35 per incident to figure this out, if they can, and if that is how much it costs these days as it used to. I have a 4-year top of the line warranty & support from HP. However, we upgraded to Win7, and vendors try to use that as an excuse not to provide support. Maybe I'll try them first anyways.

Very Frustrating Indeed!!!
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