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Remote DTVR is up, just go to to set up an account. Still coming soon for smart phones though.

Forgot to set a recording? Max Remote DTVR allows you to schedule DTVR recordings from anywhere. You can browse your TV guide, schedule and manage your recordings over the internet using your computer or (coming soon) a smartphone (examples: BlackBerry, Apple iPhone, Windows 7 phone, or Android device).

And remote DTVR is free to Max DTVR customers* - you can remotely manage your DTVR for no extra charge.


With Remote DTVR you get:

full 14 day Max Guide program listings
full Guide search for shows to record
the functionality to schedule episode or series recordings
view which shows you have scheduled to record, and
the functionality to delete recordings when space is needed.

Set up

You can access remote DTVR from a computer or a mobile device (coming soon).

To get started see instructions on how to set up Max Remote DTVR for an internet connected computer.

To set up Remote DTVR for your smartphone you will need to download an application. For instructions on downloading the correct app and setting up remote DTVR for your smartphone please choose your device from the list below:

BlackBerry (coming soon)
iPhone (coming soon)
Windows 7 smartphone (coming soon)
Android smartphone (coming soon)

To launch Max Remote DTVR for the web go to If you do not have a Microsoft® Silverlight plug-in installed, you will be prompted to install it before you can use Max Remote DTVR.

* Currently, Remote DTVR is only available to Max DTVR subscribers.
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