Summer photos and videos are guaranteed to bring back magic holiday memories, but just how safely are people storing their precious pictures and other digital content?

According to a recent survey conducted by F-Secure in the United States and seven other countries, many people have gone through the painful experience of losing irreplaceable content such as family photos, music collections or crucial work documents.

In the US, 34% of respondents said that they have lost irreplaceable digital content. Yet, while everyone fears losing their important files, in practice many people still don't remember to make regular backups. F-Secure's survey revealed that only 53% of US respondents said that they have stored or backed up their digital photos.

The most popular photo storage location remains the computer hard drive, with 34% of US respondents relying on this method. DVDs and CDs are also relatively popular storage media in the US (28%), while USB devices are less popular for storing photos among US respondents (7%). Sixteen percent of US survey respondents use the memory cards in their cameras.

Digital Home recommends that all digital camera owners take the time to implement an archival plan for their digital photos and video's. The backup plan can be as simple as copying your photos to a DVD on a regular basis or a more complex plan involving the automated backups of your computers hard drive.

Whatever method you choose, Digital Home recommends you develop a plan and stick with it or risk the heartbreak of losing all your precious memories if and when the inevitable hard drive crash occurs.

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