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MAJOR Rogers Billing Error

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I jsut received my new Rogers Bill and I was in shock of the day. My bill increased a whole year.

I contacted Rogers Customer Service, and ask to why the bill is 929.87 Jan to Dec when previous month ( December ) was only 375.71.

The Representative said Yikes, that seems very high , It is realized the billing cycle was changed from Mthy to Yearly. Which I never requested It's been 3 days since reporting this error and still its stating on the automated and on the system as 929.87.

Rogers stating they are correcting it and its going to take some time not until next Friday to fix.

Has one had this occurence where for a strange reason their cycle is changed without requesting it.
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Um, if my monthly bill were $375 and they offered me a yearly bill of $929, I'd jump on it, but no, I haven't seen or heard of anything like that.
I found out more information regarding this bill. They only changed the billing for a specific channel The SuperChannel for a yearly. But all the other cable and internet package ended up still on mthy.

I spoke to Customer Relations and they told me that if it was the full cable service/Internet Service the Yearly bill would be 2,500.00.

They told me, It will take 1 week to have them correct the issue " billing " the Back Office has to correct it. Til this date is still not fixed its now 120hrs.
..Yearly bill would be 2,500.00.
Still makes no sense if your monthly was $375.
yeah it should be $4500. Maybe you get a hefty discount if you pay a year up front.
previous month ( December ) was only 375.71.
"Only" ?! :confused: Even that's outrageous for a single month.
maybe hes got a bundle with telephone, internet, and a cellphone?
I would hope for that price he also has access to the company car.
Exactly. I pay about $130 for phone, internet, TV and cell and don't even have a bundle. I've had similar billing issues with Rogers. They do make some huge errors sometimes but are good at correcting them.
You pay 130 for internet! I'm shocked !

I have VIP ultimate movies Ultra + TMN + SuperChannel , WWE 24 /7, Super Sports Pak

Internet Extereme

Under a Bundle plan
That's $130 total for phone plus internet plus TV plus cell phone. All four services for a grand total of $130.
DAmn We pay$ 360.14 with 2 services
You are paying over 4 k per year to watch TV and use the internet??....:). You must be rich.

I would rather read a book than hand over that much cash to Robbers...err... Rogers.
Its finaly corrected they have to credit back almost 2 months worth on one channel and now they are required to give us 1 FULL year free!!!! hahaha 20 % discount for 12 mths
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