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Macy's Holiday Parade 2011

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I used to enjoy watching this parade from New York each year. Rogers (here in Ottawa) now carries WDIV Detroit as the NBC affiliate. WDIV carries the Detroit parade - NOT the one from New York.

What are my options for seeing the New York parade?

OTA is about 150 miles (WPTZ) and reception here is unreliable.

Anyone know if KING in Seattle carries the New York Parade? I would add timeshifting to my cable lineup if so.

Thanx !

- Bill H.
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WDIV Detroit (NBC) has not carried it in several years.
Instead, they carry their own (local to them) parade and call it something like "America's Parade". The IPG calls it Macy's - but it definitely isn't.

I used to have a neighbour (on cable) record it when I was on Bell satellite (who also didn't carry a NY feed). This was before Rogers (in our area) switched to carrying the Detroit feeds for the US networks instead of the NY (Rochester area) feeds.

Looks like (from the link you have provided) that KING Seattle carries it. Can anyone verify this from previous (last year's) viewing?

- Bill H.
KING5 in Seattle has aired the Macy's Thanksgiving day parade ever since I can remember, so they should have it this year as well.
I just checked my online guide(we get Seattle here in Cogecoland for our west coast hd feeds) for King and it's in the schedule from noon to 3pm eastern.

I guess it makes sense if a local city has a parade then that parade would be shown instead.

Detroit is showing their own parade on nbc

cbs east and west also have the parade.

CBS carries the parade in a manner of speaking, but NBC coverage is better as they are the network exclusively licenced to carry it.

- Bill H.
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