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Lucked out, maybe, 32" LCD for $130

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Picked up a Daytek 323 the other day (new) for $130.

I haven't unpacked it yet (I can return it if it stays sealed) so I'm going on info from online sources. What's the general consensus on Daytek? Junk? OK? I mean, for the price I can't whine much.
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Wow that's a pretty good deal ! I used to own Daytek monitors back in the CRT days, and they were great - 0 issues.

There's a thread here regarding a 46" Daytek TV, maybe you can get some relevant info out of it.
I tried to do a search for that model and came up empty. Is that the correct model number?
The Daytek website lists three 32" models: DK-32A, DM-32 and DT-3220. All are 720p (1366x768).

I don't know how well Daytek sets are rated, but $130 for a new 32" TV - especially if it has warranty - makes that point pretty moot (in my opinion).
interesting read, thanks.

I had many daytek monitors also. worked fine IIRC. hope my tv works as well.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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