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Love Guru, The 2-Disc Digital Copy Special Edition Blu-Ray Widescreen

Street Date: September 16, 2008

Synopsis: A hilarious comedy starring Mike Myers as guru Pitka in his first original character since the blockbuster hit Austin Powers. Myers plays an American raised in India by gurus (Tugginmypudha & Satchabigknoba) and returns to the U.S. in order to break into the self-help business. His unorthodox methods are put to the test when he must settle the romantic troubles and subsequent professional skid of a star hockey player (Romany Malco), whose wife left him for a rival athlete Jacques Grande (Justin Timberlake). Mini Me is back from Austin Powers and plays the hockey coach for more classic comedic moments that will have audiences laughing from opening to closing credits.
Details below Announced today

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Runtime: 1 Hr. 28 Min. 0 Sec.
Languages: English Subtitled, French Dubbed & Subtitled, Portuguese Subtitled, Spanish Dubbed & Subtitled
Audio: 5.1 Dolby Digital, 5.1 Dolby TrueHD
Canadian Rating: 14A - 1) Sexual Content 2) Crude Content
DVD Features:

• Commentary: Mike Myers and The Love Guru - An Inside Look
• Featurette: One Hellava Elephant
• Featurette: Hockey Training for Actors
• Additional Scenes: Jane's Office / Grande Interview #1
• Additional Scenes: Cherkov on Ice
• Additional Scenes: Darren's Performance Anxiety
• Additional Scenes: Stink Mop
• Additional Scenes: Happy Pack
• Additional Scenes: More Fun at the Old Log Inn
• Additional Scenes: Grande Interview #2
• Additional Scenes: Bill Ford with Very Special Guests
• Additional Scenes: Nuts
• Additional Scenes: Cabbie Fight
• Additional Scenes: Alternate Ending
• Bloopers: Bloopers
• Featurette: Back In The Booth With Trent and Jay
• Featurette: Outtakes & More
• Trailers: Theatrical Trailer

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The only additional material this dog should come with is a full copy of "Austin Powers" so you can watch the last decent film Mike Myers has made (not counting voice work in the first Shrek).
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