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Losing minutes off recorded and live tv.

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I had a 8300 and started noticing a lot of pixelation and freezing. Rogers tech came out and checked signals and said no problems, checked some more and and ended up replacing the drop from the pole, seemed to be ok until a couple of days later when I was recording the Sens/Leaf game. I spooled up a bit before watching and while I was watching from the beginning, it would flik and all of the sudden 2 min. were gone, watched for another 5 min. and then again, this time 6 min. gone. Called rogers and they said I needed to replace box. Got the new 8642 and am recording the Sens/Leafs game happens again! called Rogers and he says there could be a problem with the box...hmmm! It was just a blank screen on the channel I was watching but all other HD channels worked he told me to reboot(unplug) , did it and the channel came back for 11 min. then gone again, unplugged again and channel came back.
I am watching the game right now and every couple of min. it glitches for just a second buy the channel stays and am able to watch.
I have an 8300 up stairs and there doesn't appear to be any problem there!
So now I am wondering if it is the splitter gone bad or my newly purchased Rogers eHDD. I have checked signals and they seem to be ok.

I just went into the menu and the only thing I can see is "current fdc has Corr bytes: 1176
Uncor Blks 408
Qam: 5 dBmV
S/N: 36 db
0 Corr

still continually glitching!

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