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losing hd channels with splitter installed

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I noticed recently that I was missing some hd channels, called the cogeco help line and we determined that the cause was a 2 way splitter installed before the hd receiver, I have a htcp setup which I use to record sd channels and now can't use this connection without losing some hd channels.

Anybody else had this problem and how did you overcome this ????.

Thanks for any help.:):)
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It could also be a bad splitter or patch cable. Make sure they are rated up to at least 1GHZ (1000MHZ), 2.4GHZ is better. The cables should be RG6 and have compression connectors. The splitter needs to be in good condition and good quality. Many cables and splitters sold in big box stores and electronics chains are poor quality and do not work well. Stuff that has been kicking around in a junk box should be examined closely and thrown out if they are worn, damaged or do not have clearly marked, adequate specs.
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