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I am occasionally experiencing a condition where my audio disappears when using an SPDIF connection from my SA3250HD. This problem is fixed by changing the channel and then changing it back. The problem is that I am using this cable box to PVR shows and I will not find out about this until I go to watch a show and there is no audio present.

I have only noticed this issue on one channel, Setanta Sports HD, but I am guessing that the problem is not unique to this channel. I just happen to record a lot of consecutive shows on this channel and I am guessing that after several hours the audio drops off for some reason. An added complication (perhaps) is that this is an SDV channel.

I am using component cables and an optical cable to connect my SA3250HD to a Hauppauge HD-PVR that is connected to a PC running SageTV7. But I don't think that using an HTPC is relevant to the problem - I think it is a bug with the cable box.

Has anyone else seen this issue where after a while the SA3250HD (or other HD boxes) loses audio? Anyone have any ideas on how to fix this? I am not 100% sure that this issue is related to using SPDIF as opposed to analog audio but I have never experienced problems with analog audio recordings in the past although these recordings have generally been from a SA3200(SD) box rather than the SA3250HD.
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