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Hi all,

I'm finally choosing my own high-speed internet service -- normally I lived with roommates who already had it.

I was hoping I could get some opinions from those who know more than me before I start shopping around? (I'm in Toronto, so I think I have a lot of choice.)

I use the Internet a fair bit. I talk on Skype (more often on Google voice) about 2 hours a day, I stream usually 1-2 hours a day of TV or movies, but rarely download them. And I might spend an hour or more reading e-mail, Facebook or surfing.

I don't do any gaming and rarely download movies or music. However, when I'm home I'll usually stream on some Internet radio as background noise.

So mostly streaming and Skype.

I've been looking at Bell and Rogers. Bell seems cheaper, but I'm already an existing Rogers (mobile phone) customer. I'm not sure whether I'd be better off with DSL or Cable, and what level of service I'd need.

Would Rogers Express with 60gb be sufficient or more than I need? Their next lowest option has 15gb a month for $11 cheaper.

Bell's Fibre 12 is $10 cheaper than Rogers Express, but and gives you 50gb of bandwidth instead of 60gb. However, Bell's Fibre 16 is the same price as Rogers Express and you get 75gb.

Anyway, any thoughts on what I should consider would be a big help.

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