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I just got Bell Fibe Gigabit installed with a Home Hub 3000 and I noticed that it doesn't seems to the internal DNS Server enabled. I get absolutely no DNS resolution inside my network. Everything on the web works just fine, but everything that is inside my house doesn't resolve to any host name.

I didn't make a lot of change onto the default config. I configured the external DNS to be OpenDNS but I was having the issue before that change.

I didn't notice it before the tech leave after the install but anyway, he wouldn't have been able to answer that question as his skills seems to be restricted to "I plug this into that, it works, good bye".

Anybody having the same issue?

PS. I did found the topic about a similar issue on a HH2000 but there was no answer and the topic was dated in 2015, so I believe it would be better off starting a new one for HH3000.

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