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Local Access Only problem with Windows Vista Laptop and Netgear Router

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I have a Laptop running Windows Vista. For the last two years, the laptop connected successfully to my D-Link 655 Router via WPA2. In addition, the laptop has sucessfully connected to many wireless networks without incident.

Yesterday, I swapped a Netgear 3700 Router in place of my D-Link 655 Router and everything worked fine except the laptop. When I tried to connect, I got a message saying that the computer had local access only and I was unable to connect to internet.

After several hours of troubleshooting, I swapped back to the old D-LInk router and everything worked fine.

Since I have two internet connections, I decided to turn on my second wireless connection which also uses a Netgear Router. Tried to connect the laptop to the second wireless network and the same problem occurred. After another lot of troubleshooting I was able to get it to connect to the second wireless network if I used WEP Encryption.

So I have a Vista Laptop that works fine but cannot connect to two Netgear routers using WPA2 Encryption.

I have Google the Net many times and tried numerous remedies including shutting down IPv6 and a Registry key fix to turn off DHCP with no effect.

Any thoughts?
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Does the hardware in the laptop support WPA2 Encryption?
Yes, I use WPA2 Encryption to connect to my D-Link Router.
Long story short. I was able to find drivers for the WiFi card and update them. This resolved the problem.

The fact that the Laptop worked with the D-Link router using WPA2 encryption but not the Netgear router is a mystery to me!

Lots of time wasted but it all works now.
For anyone reading this in the future.

Go into device manager and find out your WiFi Card.
Google on the Wifi card and driver to find the latest drivers.

If newer drivers are available then create a restore point on your computer and then update the drivers.
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