Steve Unger had it all - money, a beautiful wife, a mansion, and a great kid - until greed got in the way.

Premiering this Friday on HBO Canada, Living In Your Car is the story of a corrupt business mogul's fall from grace and his often pathetic attempts to regain the life he lost.

With the unstable economy as a backdrop, the show follows the adventures of Steve Unger (John Ralston) whose rule of the financial world comes to an abrupt halt when he is arrested and charged with fraud, obstruction and racketeering. After cutting a deal to get out of prison, Unger quickly realizes his old life no longer exists: his former colleagues shun him, his wife (Ingrid Kavelaars) and daughter (Mariah Horner) don't want to live with him, and even his own parents refuse to help him. As he clings desperately to the last vestige of his former self - a luxury sedan - Steve finds himself under court order to teach an ethics class, forbidden from working in any position that involves other people's money, and making a new home for himself in his car.

Living In Your Car is a 13-part, half-hour series which premiere's Friday May 7th on HBO Canada and HBO Canada HD at 9:30 PM ET/MT.

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