Liveport, a leading high-speed wireless Internet provider to hotels across North America, will now be servicing the Australian market.

Many disgruntled Australian travelers and worried hotel owners had reported that WiFi services were falling behind the quality of those offered in North America and Europe, said Liveport.

Furthermore, poor signals, low speeds and high prices were typical complaints registered by visitors in hotels and resorts in Australia.

Liveport, headquartered in West Kelowna, B.C., is now ready to provide Australian hotels with all wireless hardware, advanced network management plus 24/7 guest technical support.

Jeff Rhode, President of Liveport Australia, said the company uses cloud managed mesh-node technology, which allows for 100 percent coverage without running new cables. Liveport manages networks through the cloud, eliminating the need for servers on site.

Rhode reiterates: "Liveport's mesh technology is perfect for hotels, and works great with the mobile phones and tablets guests are traveling with now. Combining this with the ability to manage everything through the cloud allows us to provide a rich, fully managed system without the cost or complexity of traditional setups.”

The company has already installed systems at five hotels in Victoria, Australia since April 2012, adding to the 25,000 guest rooms it services throughout North America.

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