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so been using (dual boot) Linux and Win10 for about 1yr now. Did a lot of distro hopping over that time. Trying to find a "home". Tried Mint but had issues. One was screen tearing. Other was i did not like the desktop. Functional but old fashioned looking.

Did not like Ubuntu (Unity). I used Debian 9 for a few months. Worked well. Finicky to get going. Complicated process of installing Nvidia drivers (for a nooby) Wanted something that updated features instead of being locked down.

Tried Fedora 26 but installation was a pain. Severe input / mouse lag. But worked thru it and got it running. Liked it. Was more updated. Installing Nvidia was still a bit of a pain but less so than Debian. Also tried Manjaro but did not like it.

But i then a few days ago came across Solus3 on DistroWatch. Gave it a spin on a spare SSD512g drive. Liked it a lot. Did not like the Budgie desktop tho and switched to Gnome.

I like that the install was perfect and very fast. Installing NVidia drivers are a couple of mouse clicks. Came with most of the programs i use. (FireFox. Thunderbird, Open Office) installing Chrome and VLC was easy.

I like that this is a totally new flavor of Linux and not a based on version (like Ubuntu is built on Debian) And that it uses the rolling release so it will be constantly updated.

I feel this could be the version to convert people from Windows. I hope it takes the top spot away from Mint. It is made for home / desktop users and not so much for devs / pros. Being new it does lack a huge repo list compared to say Fedora or Debian but it is growing and does have most popular programs. I think i have finally found a home to stay.
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