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There is a load of free streaming media clients for Linux some more mature than others. The latest and greatest is actually a deamon and runs in the background. It is called TvMobili. It is only a beta but already works better than the Samsung PC share (windows only) client which is for the Samsung line of tvs.

The way the deamon works is extremely complex. First it sees all media on your directory tree and then links the files to .swf objects through /var/log file. The .swf objects are then displayed on the Samsung allShare client which is built into your Samsung (busy-box Linux firmware) based tv, allowing allShare searches with your TV remote client.

I just updated the busy-box Linux firmware on my TV and found that it did dhcp much quicker than the firmware that the TV was sold with. You can update the newer Samsung TVs directly through the built in port using the remote, which is really great.

I currently have our home network working fairly reliably. It streams .MKV, jpeg, mp3 and VIDEO_TS from my Mint Linux IBM T42 old laptop through wifi to our router then directly by cat5 to the tv. Quite impressive considering getting the Samsung client to play fair with Windows Media Player and any content on Windows Vista has been like having a root canal.

So essentially Linux software capabilities are quickly catching up to Windows 7...only with the bonus that you do not have to have new hardware to make things work.

I have not tried the Mac or Windows versions of TvMobili yet as running a dlna client in beta on a Windows computer that my wife uses for citrix client work might not be a good wise.
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